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data protection

Leading Tasks: Strategies for information, instruction, planning, deciding, motivation, planning

Service Behaviour: Service and behavior in standard and conflict situations

Prevention Courses: Offender profiles of bank robbers, security behavior, symptoms of PTSD, witness statements

Presentation and TV-Media Training: Media rethoric, argumentation and live-training in front of the camera

Strategiy Workshops: Organizational development with participating employees

Communication: Effective communication techniques and competence for business calls, personnel and intercultural situation

Time Management: Planning strategies, Recognition of time efficiency, self efficacy training, relaxation techniques

Power Reading: Reading techniques, strategies and filter, concentration, comprehension and speed


Knowledge Management: Methods and solutions for know-how-transfer in the company

Organization and Project Management: Support for planning, execution and evaluation, organisation principles

Human Resource Management: basic law, personnel recruitment and development, employee appraisal

Teamdevelopment: Warming up, Feedback, Trust and Openess inside of the team and use of the group potential in- and outdoor

Career Planning: Competence Analyses, self marketing strategies, perfect application documents

Computer-Trainingss: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook

Teacher Trainings: Stress-Management, ADHS, parental coaching, Psychopathology, Power Reading

Intercultural Competence: Culture shock prevention and proactive intercultural behavior


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