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data protection
teamhafen product ergonomics
Waste separation systems or medicine technique, if people meet products, we ask the decisioning questions!
teamhafen web ergonomics
Let's ask your costumers if your website is usable. As you know, each target group has its own expectations. And if it depends on small things, the online-presentation has to be attractice and understandable for the customer.
teamhafen customer studies
Customer satisfaction is a sensible indicator for changes at the service level: immidiate surveys, customer forum etc. - the method is customized to your requirements.
teamhafen test development
We develop test procedures for your projects in agreement with the rules of modern psychological methodics.
bank hold-up prevention and crisis intervention
In cooperation with the EBC Hochschule Berlin research is targeting on concrete effects of bank hold-ups on employees.

Projektendbericht EBC

teamhafen master's and bachelor's theses
If required we supervise bachelor's and master's theses of psychology students.
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