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teamhafen indoor workshops
...provide team diagnoses, team role analyses, two-way feedback, common creativity and perspectives. It is targeted to support the comprehension of each other, to discuss open aspects and to support the engagement in the group by clearing the own and personal perspectives.

These workshop can take place in an open and entertaining atmosphere, the participants are predominant active in handling their tasks. The concrete approach will be discussed with our clients before.

The workshops can take place at locations of your choice.
teamhafen outdoor workshops
...are suitable for situations, when it seems to be wise to have enough distance from the daily work.

The targeted role change and the coping of the outdoor tasks within the team are part of the experience oriented learning process. With these experiences in turn the change of perspectives in the daily work afterwards can be successful.

The teambuilding tasks will be enclosed in an adventure, customized to the location an the workshop target, so that the arc of suspense will lead the participants through the days. We enjoy your questions!
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