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teamhafen critical incidences at the workingplace
Sometimes traumatic events happen at the work place. It is the work place’s responsibility to take good care of the employees in such an unwanted situation. Banks are especially vulnerable to critical incidents and therefore it is good to be well prepared. More...
teamhafen crisis intervention after a bank hold-up
If a bank hold-up should occur it is important to offer crisis counseling in addition to police help and medical care. Our psychologists can provide a secure environment where the victims and witnesses get an opportunity to go through and share their experience with the potential traumatic incident. More...
teamhafen prevention course
To provide the best possible assistance to the staff of the bank, it's important to take action before a robbery occurs. A prevention seminar can be very helpful to the direct victims of the robbery, but is also a necessary precaution the bank has to take. More...
teamhafen individual sessions
It is very individual how humans react to critical events. Depending on individual characteristics, the nature of the event and the healing surroundings most people get through the difficult phase after a trauma. In some cases it is necessary with some psychological guidance to get on the other side of the incident as a stronger person. More...
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