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teamhafen mentoring
Starting their job in a company, entrants or new employees are faced with extensive challenges: Apart from managing new tasks, they have to make out organizational structures and processes, identify profitable contacts and informal networks.
Overview Mentoring
teamhafen mentor's education
The consolidated Qualifying of your mentors provides increasing integration rates, more efficient communication processes and secures the mentoring success!
Curriculum Mentoring-Education (german)
teamhafen need
No therapy without a diagnosis! Analyse your situation with our requirement-check Mentoring. The 10 questions are leading to clarity.
Requirement-Check Mentoring (german)
teamhafen mentoring program implementation
It is necessary to clear the basic conditions. The matching-process between mentor and mentee as well as questions concerning the content of the sessions have to be coordinated.
Implementation Mentoring-Program (german)
teamhafen start-up-workshops
In a 2-days workshop we clear organizational questions and prepare the mentors concerning their first tasks so that the finst mentoring sessions can be planned.
teamhafen mentor's supervision
Even the mentor's competence is not growing until there is a reflection of their experiences. Don't let your mentors alone. Use our experience.
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